Structural Integration


Structural Integration

The SI method (sometimes called Rolfing) involves direct manipulation of the body’s fascial tissue to promote mobility. Fascia is a malleable tissue and by applying slow, deep pressure to areas of restriction it can be reorganised to free the joints and restore movement.

In an SI session, I begin by assessing your current posture and range of movement so I can develop a head-to-toe treatment strategy.

The work is carried out in direct skin-contact where possible and clients actively participate with the process to help re-educate the body and refine the proprioceptive sense to enable change.

In most cases I will provide homework exercises so that you can continue the work outside of the session and integrate movement with daily activities for longer lasting effect.

Zoom sessions. For some cases I can offer sessions focused on movement and massage ball release if you have a general issue such as spinal, pelvic, shoulder, hip, knee, foot or neck  restrictions. I will provide you with a personalised exercise routine for daily practice and progression.

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75 min session £60   (Concs. available on request)

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