aboutAs a keen sports person; I came to Pilates with an ill-conditioned spine and recurring injuries. Pilates provided the foundation for support that had been missing for many years. As there were no classes in Cambridge at the time and my body was complaining bitterly about having to work long hours in front of a PC – I quit my IT job and retrained.

Working as a Pilates teacher for over 20 years now I have developed an avid interest in sport science research, functional rehabilitation and exercise methods that facilitate postural balance.

I came to Structural Integration as a means of providing hands-on bodywork (manual therapy) and to deepen my understanding of the body’s wonderfully complex anatomy.

I have found that combining SI manual therapy and movement can help a body to adapt more rapidly than with either practice alone.

iStock_000006716454_SmallBeing able to methodically assess an individual’s postural pattern reveals where there is adverse tension and poor support. SI provides a strategy for the release work needed to re-organise the pattern in a body-wide manner. A specifically tailored movement program can then help to develop the support required. This enables development to continue beyond treatment sessions with home practice to integrate new ways of moving and a different sense of being.